Iconic Uses Of Casinos In Cinema

Casinos are not just great places to enjoy gambling. They are also ideal locations for movies. This is because casinos tend to have lavish and unique interiors. They exude luxury and wealth.

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire United States. This Nevada city is full of well known casinos, each with their own theme. These establishments have become iconic landmarks. Today they are known not just as places to play games, but also as the settings for popular motion pictures.

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

This psychedelic semi-autobiography follows a journalist as he roams around Vegas looking for the American dream. During his trip he stops off at several casinos. This includes the Bazooko Circus Casino and the Flamingo Las Vegas. The main character, Raoul Duke is played by Johnny Depp. Along with his sidekick, Dr. Gonzo (Benicio del Toro) he takes in a show, explores the game rooms and stays in the hotel rooms of these casinos.

Rain Man

This iconic road movie follows a yuppy called Charlie played by Tom Cruise who finds out he has a long lost autistic brother called Ray (Dustin Hoffman). Together they embark on a road trip that takes them to Las Vegas. Charlie makes Ray use his mathematical skill to cheat while playing blackjack. However, the casino staff soon cotton on to their scam and the brothers leave.

The Hangover

In this 2009 comedy film a group of friends decide to have a fun bachelor party in the centre of Las Vegas. However, they end up partying too hard and wake to find the groom has disappeared. They have no memory of the night before and so are forced to retrace their steps.

Caesars Palace served as the main casino seen in the film. The characters stay in this hotel. During production many scenes in the casino were done on location. Viewers can spot the real front desk, entrance, lobby and corridors of Caesars Palace. The beginning and climax of the film take place on the actual roof of this building.